Financial Services

Commercial Lending

Old or new, large or small, there comes a time for all businesses when a little financial support is needed. This is particularly true for small and start-up businesses. SME Advance Small Business Loans from Capital Steps are the ideal solution for young and small companies looking to drive their business forward. Whether you are buying new stock, expanding your product range, or just setting up a new business, Capital Steps can offer a fast and simple Small Business Loan to meet your requirements.

Whether your business strategy requires capital growth for expansion, acquisition, buyouts, refinancing existing debt or restructuring, we offer a wide variety of commercial lending solutions addressing diversified needs across the business lifecycle.

We work with our customers from the Private Sector to Private Equity focusing on the middle market to larger corporations to provide:

  • Asset Based loans
  • Cash Flow loans
  • Structured Finance
  • Acquisition/Leverage Finance

As a provider of senior debt financing to private equity-backed companies, our preference is to originate to hold assets on our own balance sheet and tap into both our shareholders expertise in key industries to add value.

Equipment Leasing

Being close to the emerging market which currently is experiencing an unprecedented growth we have developed unique products that can help a company meet its equipment, tools and machinery requirements on a long or short term basis. Leasing professional equipment, tools and machinery is an alternate to traditional commercial lending and can help you manage your business more effectively in following ways:

  1. Balance sheet management
  2. Sale and lease back structures
  3. Longer financing terms
  4. Protection against rising interest rates

Energy and Infrastructure Finance

At Capital Steps we believe in developing strong and strategic partnerships to invest jointly with trusted lead developers, project sponsors and established local business leaders with whom we can leverage the strength, experience and knowledge.  We are actively seeking investment opportunities in  Marine, Oil and Gas,  and renewable energy sectors.